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I'm Joshua Alfred Hope, and I graduated from the Technology Engineering and Design class at Auburn Career Center. I spent my time learning the ins and outs of PC hardware, networking, and even dabbling in custom audio systems. Partially learnt from my time as an intern at Radioactive Electronics.

 I built my own PC, and have been working with PC's since early 2020. Since then I've troubleshot with many software and hardware issues with my own PC. As well as building many NVR computers for Radioactive Electronics' security systems.


Hello! My name is Logan Reed, and I am a member of Reign Technologies. I have graduated from Auburn Career Center in the Web & Game Design field. I have worked on both my own pc and other's for about 3 years.

I have built my PC and have also helped people pick out parts for their own builds as well. I've installed new hardware to my own and others PC's as well as cleaning and maintaining them.

I am very passionate about building computers and I'm hoping to pursue that passion here.

Meet the members of Reign Technologies

Joshua & Logan

We made Reign Technologies as friends, and we graduated together from neighboring classes at Auburn Career Center.